Totem Treasury Split

The Totem Treasury Split defines how the bulk of the income of the DAO is divided between two of the most significant funds of the Tribe: The GameDev Fund and the Platform Fund.

The decision of how the funds are distributed is significant in determining the focus of the company in terms of financial efforts.

The GameDev Fund pays the game creators and is the main purpose of the DAO. 

The PlatfromDev fund is critical to ensure the game creators have the tools needed to create games for the Totem platform.

We start with 70% to the GameDev fund and 30% to the Platform Fund.  We hope that the Platform Fund will be able to use less of the funds after we reach a usable platform. Some development would always be needed, but we hope that at least some decentralized development would be created without direct incentives from the Fund.

The split can be changed by the Tribe members. See Constitution and Laws for more details.

Totem Game Development Network 2022