Totem's Game development Fund


This is the main reason for the creation of the Totem platform and Tribe: To allow game creators to earn by building a universe of interconnected games, where players purchase assets to play in multiple games.

TheĀ Gamedev Fund holds the funds that are distributed among game developers as well as grants and efforts related to the gaming aspects of the platform.

The funds ensure that the platform funds are distributed based on the Tribe laws


The Totem Gamedev Fund's main objective is to fund the game creators of theĀ Storytellers clan. Storytellers create games that bring players to the ecosystem. Most of these funds should be distributed between the game creators.

Note that some of the funds may be invested in other clans to support these goals. An obvious example is incentivizing people who promote games, such as YouTubers and streamers who belong to the Ambassadors clan.

Totem Game Development Network 2022