Decision Tiers

We differentiate between different decisions based on several levels of importance and the ability to change and adapt them.

We divide them arbitrarily into three tiers of importance. Each tier will have a different voting scheme based on the effect they carry. We might need more tiers or possibly a different mechanism altogether down the road.

The goal is to ensure that the most critical aspects are decided by as many votes as possible, even if it requires a slow and stable environment while allowing rapid decision-making on lighter matters.

Tier 0 - Constitution

These are the most critical decisions that govern Totem. It’s what Totem is. its “first principles”. These decisions should affect any Totem-related work and provide high-level guidance to Totem.

These decisions are the hardest to change. For this reason, we call Tier 0 the “Totem’s constitution”. While these rules can be changed, they are the hardest to change to ensure a stable basis for the organization’s operation and spirit.

They include:

  1. Totem’s primary goal is to provide an open and transparent platform to allow the game development community to create games and earn from them.
  2. Supermajority requires at least 60% vote of all tokens or 80% of allocated tokens.
  3. Changes to Tier 0 decisions require a supermajority.
  4. Totem’s platform is a technology. As such, it is neutral and should remain open to ANY use by ANYONE.
  5. A simple majority vote of voters can change tier 1 decisions.
  6. The council can decide Tier 2 decisions.
  7. Changes to Totem Treasury Split may affect the split by no more than 10% for every change.

Tier 1 - Laws

These important decisions should stay relatively stable to allow clear long-term operations.

  1. All votes would be carried by Totem token holders on a single vote per single token basis.
  2. After June 2023, votes on changes to Tier 0 will occur no more than twice per year and require at least three months of notice before voting on the nature of change.
  3. After January 2023, votes on changes to Tier 1 will require at least four weeks of notice before voting. 
  4. All platform-generated income will carry a 2.5% fee that will be transferred immediately to the Totem Operations Fund. The rest will enter the Totem Treasury
  5. The Totem Treasury will have only two sub-treasuries, the Totem Platform Fund and the Totem Gamedev Fund.
    1. The Totem Platform Fund will hold funds dedicated to improving the Totem platform.
    2. The Totem Gamedev Fund will hold funds devoted to the benefit of the game developers and others who support the Totem ecosystem.
  6. Totem Treasury resources will move from the Totem Treasury only by moving them simultaneously to the Totem Platform Fund and the Totem Gamedev Fund, according to the Totem Treasury Split. A smart contract would implement this.
  7. The Totem Treasury Split is 30% to the Totem Platform Fund and 70% to the Totem Gamedev Fund. A change in this should affect the relevant smart contract.
  8. The Totem council
    1. Will be made of no more than 12 members.
    2. Each member will serve no longer than 24 months unless re-confirmed.
  9. The Basic Unit Cost of an asset is 10 USDC

Tier 2 - Practices

Tier 2 will include operational decisions that can change according to Totem's dynamic needs and will initially be decided by the council itself. 

  1. All council tenures would be made for no longer than 24 months tenure.
  2. All Monthly and Recuring Grants should last no longer than 12 months.
  3. All council members shall report a QRP quarterly.
  4. Council members should keep an updated Palimpsest.


Totem Game Development Network 2022