Empowering Indies

TOtEM is an indie game development collective that unites creators and players around a universe of interconnected game experiences.


The Ecosystem

We provide a new monetization model for 99% of game developers. We are a community of 300+ tribe members - Mostly indie game creators, collaborating to bring a new form of gaming experience to life. The ecosystem is built on three basic principles:



Join other indies like you to create interconnected games where players can carry the consequences of their actions.



Players purchase unique Assets to have special interactions in the games. The generated income is distributed among the game developers.



Build the games you want in your native game engine. Use free open-source APIs to tap into a world of shared game assets.

For Indies, by Indies

We are a community that believes in the collaborative potential of decentralization. Create your own game, collaborate with other indies, and generate revenue.

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How it Works

All games on the platform are interconnected through in-game Assets. Every Asset has a unique DNA that manifests according to each game developer's vision.

Geek Out

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