Empowering Indies

TOtEM is an indie game development collective creating interconnected games.

Build your own game and collaborate with other indies to earn revenue.


Our Ecosystem

We are a community of 700+ members - mostly indie game creators, collaborating to bring a new form of gaming experience to life. Our model is built on three basic principles:



Join other indies to create interconnected games. Receive feedback on your game, and get mentorship from experienced game developers.



Players purchase unique Assets to have special in-game interactions. All Income is distributed among the game developers in a fair and transparent model.



Keep your IP ownership and game revenue. Build the games you want in your native game engine using free, open-source APIs.

For Indies, By Indies

TOtEM is not a company, and its members are not employees. We are a democratic organization that operates transparently.

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How it Works

All games on the platform are interconnected through in-game Assets. Every Asset is unique and manifests according to each game developer's vision.

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