Game Design

Creating games in a shared assets environment requires new design approaches.

Thinking with Shared Assets

Curious about the possibilities of connecting games through shared in-game assets? We've got you covered with some articles:

  • How do you create a meaningful experience for players? How can you enhance their feeling of ownership and connect to their virtual identity? We came up with four Game Design Pillars, as well as A Short Guide to Legacy Events to help spark your imagination and think through this new lens.
  • Player Experience is a short introduction that explains the idea of having a persistent virtual identity and what it means to truly own it.
  • If you're interested in learning about the history of storytelling in videogames and see how it all comes together through Legacy Events┬áin Totem, you can read the two-parter Games That Remember (Games That Remember - Part 1, Games That Remember - Part 2).

Don't know what Totem Assets are yet? Read more about them here!

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