Totem Assets

Using Totem Assets, in-game assets that can be used by players across different games on the Platform, you can create an experience that is really tied to your audience's virtual identities

What are Totem Assets?

The Totem platform allows for an infinite number of assets to be created.

Whenever a player buys a Totem Asset it is generated with unique properties that differentiate it from other assets, so that no two Totem assets are the same. As game developers, you can decide how to interpret the different asset properties to match your game's vision. You can start by using the canonic properties, or come up with your own.

Player actions in your game can be logged using Legacy Events. An Asset's Legacy Events can be interpreted by other game developers to allow players to carry the consequences of their actions between the games, and enable new meta-narratives to emerge.

When a player buys buy a Totem Asset, they can start participating in the Economy. If you want to learn a little bit about the history of Totem Assets, you can read about them in The First Totem Assets.

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