Totem DAO is a platform for game developers who wish to collaborate, compete and win against the big studios, and make a respectful living off their art. It is our philosophy that the key to the success of all of us is passion, and passion cannot be crafted. It needs to be unfolded, excavated, discovered, and owned by the people it inhabits. Totem is the outcome of this journey by the founders. Passion is not individual. It only sprouts on the soil of narratives that unite people in common myths. The formal ritual that harnesses individual passion as building blocks of the community quest is called Palimpsest.

The passion of the founders is to build a very complex, non-hierarchical, cooperative social structure that sustains itself and provides members of the tribe with the possibility for ownership and exchange of assets. This can be achieved thanks to the recent state-of-the-art blockchain-NFT technology¬†that we have the privilege of leading the writing of it's creation myth. The DAO Challenge is to design the rules and ethics and raise the organization to maturity until it can run itself with minimal intervention. the nature of harnessed for social purposes.¬† 

Its the mission of the founders to design a self-perpetuating system that will enable game creators to reach their full creative potential and celebrate their belonging to a supportive and collaborative community.

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