Visual Language

If you want to use our graphics for any purpose, you can download our font, logo, and clan sigils here!

The Totem logo is a marriage of antiquity and futurism, mythology and technology intertwined. Rounded, symmetrical lines flow freely through a blocky, almost pixel-y grid. It’s about trust, equality, and balance. It reminds us of Tesla, Playstation, and Tiger claws. The logo can also be presented vertically, each letter serving as a block in a totem pole around which the tribe gathers.



The Totem font was born out of the Totem Logo. It is built around the same principles. It is super simple, easy to replicate, and hints at our love for open-source.


Font Example

Text Block


The Totem imagery is using the exact same system as the Totem logo and font. It is currently used to represent clans, with each clan banner featuring a single totemic animal, with gestalt used generously to hint at their features.


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