Creating your first game on Totem

Whether you are starting to work on a new Totem Game, Totemizing an existing game, or are just curious about the possibilities of connecting games through shared in-game assets, here's what you need to do to become a Totem Storyteller:

Become a Totem Storyteller!

  1. Start a new Unity project
  2. Add our Totem Core Plugin
  3. Read the plugin documentation
  4. Create your game and share it with our community!
  5. Make sure your game is properly Totemized.

ant If you encounter any issues, post them in the #unity-plugin-support channel in our Discord, and one of our Builders will come to your aid!

Want to get inspired?

  1. Join our Discord community
  2. Read our Game Design articles
  3. Play some Totem Games!
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