The Monkey clan

Members of the Monkey clan are amazing. They come in many shapes and colors, and they are all unique. It's unclear what is their goal, and it's very hard to find out since they don't talk to mere mortals. However, it's clear that while they spend a lot of energy doing stuff, they seem to always be bored for some reason.

Commonly called "The Exiled", they were never really a part of The Totem Tribe. They never joined, and would probably never join. They are not missed.

Other names

The Exiled are sometimes called

  • The Monkeys
  • The Apes
  • The Others


Something with the moon.


  • Speculation
  • Rug pulling
  • Ponzi
  • Hurling feces at lesser primate


A monkey head. The monkeys are known for their mimicry, they imitate each other for survival purposes. It is somewhat unfortunate that most monkey projects were busy copying from each other and went extinct before they developed even basic functionalities.

Secret Super Power

  • Very Opportunistic!
  • Can pleasure themselves while looking smugly at others!
  • Can use 10,000 typewriters¬†to accidentally produce a Shakespeare play.
  • Can stand on top of each other to create a pyramid-shaped structure, while calling on more monkeys to join the lower part of the pyramid.


The Exiled

Countries: Yes
Monkies: 10,000
Sigil: Monkey

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