Game creators, artists, programmers, designers, musicians, and writers, who create interactive experiences on the Totem platform.

Game developers from the Storytellers Clan create games on the platform, weaving their stories together using Totem Assets. There are already several games being developed on the platform by teams from around the world.


Create incredible games and provide players with unique, interconnected experiences by collaborating with each other.


Game development

Independent game developers are using their unique skills and creativity to create games that are tied together through Totem Assets, introducing players to a world of shared game experiences.

  • Create games on the Totem Platform using free, open-source plugins from the Totem Toolbox
  • Interpret the different Totem Asset types through their unique artistic vision.
  • Create amazing stories that can transcend their individual game origin through Legacy Events.


A front portrait of a frog. In many cultures, The frog life cycle from tadpole to adult symbolizes re-creation and transformation. In ancient Chinese tribes, frogs were known as keepers of world secrets, like the secret to eternal life. In shamanistic traditions of the Americas, frog extracts were used for religious rituals of communion with the spirit world and self-transcendence. Creators on Totem are reinventing storytelling through their ability to form new game experiences, forever immortalizing themselves through their creations.


The Storytellers Clan Sigil

Members: 150+
Sigil: Frog

Totem Game Development Network 2022