Members of the Wardens clan are responsible for protecting the tribe from external risks and threats, especially regulatory and legal.

Totem is uniquely innovative in its approach, using extremely modern constructs and tools to achieve its goals.

Any forward looking organization should be extremely thoughtful in its approach to legal aspects. In Totem, however, the use of crypto technologies, and the establishment of a DAO, compounds the need for meticulous operation based on professional guidance.

Further, the usage of large amounts of funds, that come initially from contributors and later from the users of the platform, requires professional guidance and processes to ensure robust practices that adhere to different legal and regulatory schemes.

Lawyers and accountants from three continents, members of the Wardens Clan, are already supporting the project by tackling the complex intricacies of international laws and regulations and paving the way for crypto-related projects in the exciting new world of blockchain based organizations. Others are dealing with the mundane labor of auditing the projects day to day expenses, and many other tasks that support the operations of the community.


Ensure orderly and lawful operation of the clan.



Lawyers and legal advisors of the Wardens clan advise on and perform many legal aspects:

  • Incorporation of global legal entities 
  • Contractual aspects related to 3rd parties
  • Ensuring lawful operations
  • Adherence to ever changing global rules and regulations


Accountants, financial advisors, and others of the Wardens clan advise on and perform many financial related activities:

  • Establishment of tax related aspects
  • Management of the DAO's treasury
  • Audit of all expenses
  • Ensuring lawful operations based on local and global rules and regulations related to finance


  • Custodial management of the DAO crypto assets
  • AML/KYC adherence 


A top view of a turtle heading up. Symbolizes the strong shield the wardens provide for the Tribe, and the meticulousness of their work.

Secret Super Power

Members of the Warden clan are the only Tribe members who can get away with using margin alignment and double spaces in their writing.


The Wardens Clan Sigil

Countries:  https://flagcdn.com/28x21/ky.png  https://flagcdn.com/28x21/cy.png  https://flagcdn.com/28x21/de.png  https://flagcdn.com/28x21/il.png
Members: 20+
Sigil: Turtle

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