Members of the Contributors clan are those who enabled the creation of the ecosystem by providing their financial resources to support it. These individuals understood the vision of Totem since its inception and contributed their experience and funds to create Totem.

Venture Capital firms and individuals from the Contributors Clan gave the project funds to enable its creation. Many of them are veterans of both the gaming and crypto industries, and they provide invaluable insights and strategies to the project.


Fund the early days of the DAO and support its progress.



Professionals working at Venture Capital firms and individuals are contributing their funds to initiate the DAO treasury, and allow the initial grants that bootstrap the ecosystem.

NfX, Collider, Galaxy Interactive, and others are members of this clan, as well as several individuals, allowing the Tribe:

  • Establish the global legal structure
  • Fund initial development of the platform itself
  • Help secure additional funds for the DAO Treasury


Members of the Contributors clan have years of experience in founding, managing, and growing technology based organizations. Coming from many different disciplines and have years of experience in Crypto, Gaming, and other industries. They support the Tribe by:

  • Guiding initial business decisions 
  • Empower business development activities
  • Helping in establishing the core operations
  • Support the hiring operations


A front portrait of a bull. It symbolizes the bullish optimism of the contributors.  The horns are a hint at the cornucopia, symbolizing the wealth that we hope would be shared by all of the Tribe.

Secret Super Power

Members of the Warden clan are the only Tribe members who can get away with not actually playing any game for a full day.


The Contributors Clan Sigil

Members: 20+
Sigil: Bull

Totem Game Development Network 2022