We build simple tools to help game developers create interconnected games. Use the following plugins and APIs to start creating Totem-enabled games.


Totem provides a set of tools and sample open source projects that are aimed to simplify the integration of Totem assets and related functionality into the games. 

Totem Generator Unity Plugin


The main tool that should be considered for integration of Totem assets into the games should be the Totem Generator Unity Plugin. This is a Unity package that contains the set of classes that provide the logic for logging in the users to Totem platform, obtaining the list of the Totem Assets owned by user, writing and requesting the the Legacy Events.

Totem Generator Unity Plugin provides the blockchain-related functionality like obtaining of the list of the Totem Assets (items, avatars and pebbles) owned by user directly from the NFT smart contract, wallet management logic, logic generating (minting) of Totem Assets.

Supported Platforms

Totem Generator Unity Plugin currently supports the following platforms:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS

Support of Unity Games for Web is under consideration. The Totem Generator Unity Plugin uses the third-party SDK for non-custodial auth and wallet management (Web3Auth) and support of Unity for Web is under development in this SDK. It also requires a different approach for wallet management, event handling and blockchain-related functionality. Actually, the corresponding logic should be implemented on the host page and the Unity game should communicate with the host page and handle the resulting events. This approach requires the knowledge of Web development for game developers and is more complex to start working with.

Support of Unity for Web will be added to Totem Generator Unity Plugin will be added after the corresponding logic gets stabilized in the Web3Auth SDK and will provide the necessary functionality for the target platform.

Released Totem Plugins


Unity Asset Generator github.png

This Package knows how to randomly generate a Totem Avatar and a Totem Spear from scratch or with specific attributes.


Unity 2D Avatar github.png

Procedural Avatar for Unity leveraging the Unity Asset Generator plugin.


Unity 3D Weapon github.png

Procedural Weapon for Unity leveraging the Unity Asset Generator plugin.

Totem Plugins in Development


Unity Avatar FSM




JS Asset Generator



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