Asset Creation

In order for a new Totem Asset to be created, the Totem Platform requires a fixed price to be paid. When a player buys a Totem Asset, her money is transferred to the Totem Treasury, and the platform mints a new asset of the type chosen by the player. This new asset is randomly generated with a unique set of properties and can immediately be used by the player in any Totem Game. The money that's gathered in the Totem Treasure is distributed among the game developers who created games on the platform.

Interacting with the Market

Totem offers players the freedom to be the true owners of their assets, which means players are able to buy AND sell their owned assets whenever they want. Totem will require a simple authentication process, which will enable to buy new assets, trade assets, and in the future may even rent assets. No special knowledge is required to be involved in the market.

There are two main ways which players can use to get new assets:

1. Buying a new asset that's generated by the platform. When a player buys a new asset, she can't know what properties this asset is going to have. This requires a fixed payment, either through a game storefront or directly from a marketplace, either an official one or a third-party one. For example: to buy a melee weapon you'll have to pay a fixed price, and then the platform will generate a new melee weapon with unique properties.

2. Buying preexisting assets from other people. When buying a preexisting asset players know what properties the asset has. This can be accomplished via an in-game store, if the developers set for sale their owned assets, via the Totem marketplace, or through any third-party marketplace that allows trading.

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