Asset Types

In Totem, lots of game creators are working together to give a shared universe experience to many players around the world. This requires a certain level of cohesion to make sure the game experiences are tied to each other.

Totem, therefore, currently features two types of assets: Avatars and Weapons. Every asset type has a few Canonic properties that can be used by game creators however they wish.


Totem Avatars take the form of player characters in Totem games.

FilterTypeDistributionNumber of ValuesValues
Sexenumuniform2male, female
Natural Skin Colorrgbuniform16f9d4ab, efd2c4, e2c6c2, e0d0bb, ebb77d, dca788, cda093, ccab80, c58351, b37652, 81574b, 8a6743, 7a3e10, 5c2a19, 472422, 362714
Natural Hair Colorrgbuniform8b1b1b1, 070504, 341c0d, 62422e, 914329, cd622b, ad7b41, e4b877
Natural Eye Colorrgbuniform8b5d6e0, 90b4ca, a7ad7f, 7c8b4f, c4a05f, a97e33, 7a3411, 3d0d04
Hair Styleenumuniform8afro, asymmetrical, braids, buzz cut, dreadlocks, long, ponytail, short
Body Fatenumuniform2thin, fat
Body Musclesenumuniform2wimp, muscular

Primary Color

rgbuniform224True Color RGB

Secondary Color

rgbuniform224True Color RGB

Why Avatars? Avatars are used to support a player's virtual identity. We wanted an impactful but not overwhelming set of properties that can be used by Storytellers to create a similarity between the characters. The Canonic Avatar Properties we chose follow our commitments to representation and multiculturalism.


Totem Items are used by players in Totem games.

FilterTypeDistributionNumber of ValuesValues
Materialenumuniform4wood (53%), bone (27%), flint (13%), obsidian (7%)
Elementenumuniform4air, earth, water, fire

Primary Color

rgbuniform224True Color RGB

Why Items? At first, we used a spear as a versatile weapon but then transformed it into a generic weapon to allow for more variety. We eventually abstracted them further when developers started to use the weapons as different tools. The Canonic Item Properties were chosen to allow items to feel and look different from one another. Developers can decide how to interpret these properties, for example, a high-damage, low-range item can be interpreted as an axe, whereas a high-range, low-damage weapon can be interpreted as a staff.

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